Friday, August 3, 2007

Why I can't live without mt computer!

Why I can't live without my.........Computer!

Why? Because it is my life! No computer means very boring, boring means no computer spirit. Computer spirit means you are so lively and cannot lively again. you are just like computer, you must have the computer spirit if you are just like computer.

We are so lucky now because we have computers. In the past, we do not have computers. We nnot send e-mail and send msm in the past too. We must be thankful to our computers.We also must respect our computers by not destroying them.

I will be very (really) bored without my lively, itelligent, smart, alert and bright computer. What if one day you have to do all the stuff that make you stress? Some computer games can cure stressness such as Maple Story(many of my friends play that.) , Club penguin and some other.

So this is what I have to say.......
Have fun using the computer! Jessallin Tan, 9